The Green Toolkit is a tool for Film-Productions Events Festivals

Discover the additional functions of the Green Toolkit

Your production and event work will become more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Efficient communication

Our integrated email system connects seamlessly with your personal email account, so you can stay in close contact with your team at all times.

Specific knowledge

Receive information material on green suppliers and measures tailored to the respective production area.

Optimized organization

Importing and exporting Excel lists such as crew and transport lists makes planning and coordinating your projects much easier.

Individual access

Each crew member is given individual operability and access, whereby data protection is always guaranteed.

Sustainability made easy

Tailor-made checklists for each department provide comprehensive information on green measures and environmental guidelines to ensure that your production is sustainable in every respect.

The StartUp

is making a significant contribution to the sustainable transformation of the film industry through its innovation in the field of climate and environmental protection and, above all, with regard to the uniform, nationwide ecological standards that the BKM has introduced in close cooperation with the film funding agencies of the federal states, the German Federal Film Board (FFA) and the Green Shooting working group and which are to apply from January 1, 2023.

The Team

A good idea also needs a good team.

Lisa Plesser
Office Cologne
+49 163 9789211

Georg Germer
Consigliere / COO
+49 177 3148490

Eric Rueff
Office Paris
+33 767 098386

Oliver Ulrich Lorenz
Head of International Business Development
Office Palma
+34 608 376948

Ralf Plesser
Supplier Integration Manager
Office Cologne
+49 173 9663333

Roman Russo
Founder (for international inquiries)

Sabine Plesser
+49 170 2223323

Richi Wagner
Office Wien
+43 664 3014730


Korina Gutsche
PR and Collaborations
Office Berlin
+49 173 6329494

Sabine Posselt
Office Hamburg
+49 170 3419419


The result is a broad and differentiated database that can be analyzed. The benchmarking that this makes possible means that it is possible to switch from activity-driven to target-value-driven requirement systems.

This gives everyone involved greater flexibility in implementing their own sustainability efforts. The achievement of sustainability goals can be objectively verified. And feasible!

Collaborative usage option

There are equal opportunities for use for all stakeholder groups and significantly supports their cooperation. The attractiveness of the tool can, for example, increase the number of users even further beyond mandatory use as part of a funding or award system.

Access level: With appropriate access options for the film promoters to the data behind the computer, a continuous paperless flow of information is established here in compliance with the necessary data protection and access rules.

The innovative Tool stands for dynamism, renewal and transformation as well as for a new technology for important transformation issues in the film industry.

It also enables the required level of detail in the tiered documentation and verification system proposed by the Ökopol Institute. The system also enables easy and time-saving access to internal documentation and the associated receipts from external service providers.

This strict documentation, monitoring, logging and role system ensures that data protection is maintained and that the knowledge gained from the data in the system grows continuously.

Revolutionize sustainability
in your work!

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