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We offer an innovative way for broadcasters, funders, major production and media houses as well as schools and training institutions to get in touch with us and use our customized services. Our main offering is the ECO-DASHBOARD, an advanced tool that provides cross-project insights as well as specific analysis by genre. It enables detailed filtering and visualization of consumption data in different departments. see FAQ ECO-DASHBOARD and billing model for broadcasters, sponsors, schools


The advanced tools in a package. This category offers advanced tools and functions that enable more efficient use of resources and significant cost savings without compromising on higher sustainability standards. The eco-boost for your production.

For Professionals


This category includes the full range of features for large and demanding projects and is ideal for large production companies or series productions with advanced sustainability goals. Includes access to comprehensive, worldwide CO2 emissions data, making it possible to meet international standards and gain a global perspective on the carbon footprint.