FAQ Green Toolkit

What types of productions and events is the Green Toolkit suitable for?

The Green Toolkit is versatile and suitable for TV films, series, documentaries, cinema films and the organization of sustainable events and festivals.

Flexible subscription model – only pay when you use it! Less is more: with us, you only pay for the time you actually use our tools. Our subscription can be paused so that no costs are incurred for unused periods. For example, if the post takes longer! Or Corona brings production to a standstill! Three-month recommendation: We recommend a usage period of three months, based on the efficiency of a 90-minute crime scene production. This allows you to achieve maximum results in optimum time. Full control: You decide when to start and pause. Your subscription runtime adapts to your production – not the other way around. Fair & transparent: We stand for a fair and transparent user experience. No hidden costs, no surprises.

Appreciated use of the ” Green Toolkit” in various genres:

  • Feature Film and Theatrical Film:
    Total deployment: 6-15 months.
    Application phases: Intensive use in the preparation phase (3-6 months), during production (1-3 months) and in post-production (2-6 months).
  • Feature film:
    Total use: approx. 3-11 months.
    Use phases: Use in preparation (2-4 months), during production (1-2 months) and in post-production (2-5 months).
  • Documentation:
    Total use: 1-13 months.
    Application phases: Use in preparation (1-3 months), during the variable production period (1-6 months) and in post-production (1-4 months).
  • Show and series:
    Total use: Variable, often over a year.
    Assignment phases: Intensive use in the preparation phase (2-4 months), during ongoing production and in post-production (2-6 months per season).
  • Event:
    Total use: Approx. 2-4 months.
    Use phases: Use in preparation (1-2 months), during the event and in post-production (1-2 months).
  • Advertising:
    Total use: approx. 1-4 months.
    Application phases: Use in preparation (1-2 months), during the short production phase and in post-production (1-2 months).

These periods are estimates and may vary depending on the project. It is important to integrate the “Green Toolbox” as early as possible to ensure effective planning and implementation of ecological standards. For an average feature film with a total duration of around 3 months, the tool should be used throughout the entire production phase to ensure optimal compliance with ecological standards.

Detailed use of the " Green Toolkit" in various genres and production phases

Question: How should the ” Green Toolkit” be used in the various genres and production phases in order to optimally meet ecological standards?


Flexible subscription model – only pay when you use it!

Less is more: with us, you only pay for the time you actually use our tools. Our subscription can be paused so that no costs are incurred for unused periods. For example, if the post takes longer! Or Corona brings production to a standstill!

Three-month recommendation: We recommend a usage period of three months, based on the efficiency of a 90-minute crime scene production. This allows you to achieve maximum results in optimum time.

Full control: You decide when to start and pause. Your subscription runtime adapts to your production – not the other way around.

Fair & transparent: We stand for a fair and transparent user experience. No hidden costs, no surprises.

We are there for you: We are always available for questions or feedback.

1. Feature film and movie:

  • Preparation (3-6 months): In this phase, the toolbox is used to plan ecological measures and to create the necessary documentation.
  • Production (1-3 months): Actively used for monitoring and adjusting environmental measures and for ongoing data collection.
  • Post-production (2-6 months): Finalization of documentation and verification of compliance with ecological standards.

2. Feature film:

  • Preparation (2-4 months): The toolbox supports the creation of the environmental strategy and preparatory documentation.
  • Production (1-2 months): Ongoing data collection and adaptation of environmental strategies.
  • Post-production (2-5 months): Final review and compilation of final reports.

3. Documentation:

  • Preparation (1-3 months): Planning of sustainability aspects and preparation of relevant documentation.
  • Production (1-6 months): Continuous documentation and adaptation of ecological measures.
  • Post-production (1-4 months): Complete documentation and finalization of reports.


4. Show and Series:

  • Preparation (2-4 months): Use for extensive planning and preparation of ecological concepts.
  • Production (variable): Ongoing monitoring and adjustment of environmental strategies throughout production.
  • Post-production (2-6 months per season): Summary and review of all ecological measures and documentation.

5. Event:

  • Preparation (1-2 months): Rapid planning and implementation of environmental strategies.
  • Production (duration of the event): Monitoring the implementation of ecological measures.
  • Post-production (1-2 months): Compilation and review of final documentation.

6. Advertising:

  • Preparation (1-2 months): Focus on quick and efficient planning of ecological concepts.
  • Production (a few days to a week): Intensive monitoring of the implementation of the measures.
  • Post-production (1-2 months): Final documentation and verification of compliance with standards.

In any genre, it is crucial to integrate the “Green toolkit” at an early stage to ensure comprehensive planning and documentation of ecological measures. Particularly for a feature film, which typically has a total production time of around 3 months, the Toolkit should be actively used throughout the preparation, production and post-production phases to ensure full compliance and documentation of environmental standards.

How can the 'Green Toolkit' be used strategically in the various phases of a film production?


1. preparation phase:

  • Green hot spots and solutions: Identification and analysis based on script and financial plan to recognize ecological weak points and possible solutions at an early stage.
  • CO2 target balance: Preparation of a target balance according to the project calculation, valuable for funding applications and ecological planning.
  • Green project structure: Definition of the communication structure and identification of contact persons for ecological issues.
  • Preparation of CO2 balancing: Coordination with the film management for the collection of relevant data.
  • Green briefing: Information distribution and sensitization of the team regarding ecological aspects of production.
  • CO2 monitoring: Collection and analysis of consumption data in preparation for CO2 balancing.

2nd production phase:

  • Green concept with hot spots and solutions: Ongoing adaptation and implementation of ecological measures, particularly in areas such as transportation, lighting, catering and waste management.
  • Green schedule: Creation and adaptation of a schedule with green tasks and milestones.
  • Green purchasing: Support and advice for sustainable procurement and purchasing.
  • Green catering: Coordination and monitoring of environmentally conscious catering.
  • Green assistance: Support for the implementation of environmental measures in various areas such as power supply, mobility and waste management.
  • Green set check: Review and documentation of the implementation of the green concept.

3. post-production and conclusion:

  • Final report Green Motion: Preparation of the final report using a standardized template
  • CO2 balance: Preparation of the actual CO2 balance based on the project implementation.

With its comprehensive range of services, “Green Toolkit” offers holistic support for film productions in all phases. From the analysis of ecological aspects in the preparation phase to the ongoing adaptation and monitoring of green measures during production to detailed documentation and balancing in post-production and at the end of production. This tool enables production companies to efficiently achieve their ecological goals and meet the requirements of Green Motion and other ecological standards.

What makes the Green Toolkit sustainable in terms of energy consumption and servers?

The Green Toolkit servers are located in a German data center that is operated 100% CO2-free from renewable energies.

What to do if a comet impact is imminent and the CO2 calculation is still pending? Our emergency number!

Question: What do I do if a comet suddenly hurtles towards the earth, the Internet goes down and I urgently need the green electricity calculation for Sri Lanka for my transmitter?


In the unlikely, yet humorously imagined scenario of an impending comet impact, combined with an internet outage, while you urgently need the green power balance for Sri Lanka, we have an emergency solution for you:

  • Keep calm: First, take a deep breath. Panic is not a good advisor in any situation, even when comets and missing internet connections are involved.
  • Use the emergency number: We have set up a special emergency number for such highly unlikely cases. You can reach it via smoke signals, carrier pigeons or, if available, an old landline telephone. Phone: +49 (0)157 36613325!
  • Creative problem solving: In the absence of the Internet and modern technology, we recommend resorting to tried and tested methods. A calculator, candlelight and the good old paper documents (UWS paper is particularly environmentally friendly. Unlike conventional recycled paper, it is produced without de-inking and bleaching. This makes original UWS paper superior to any other paper in terms of eco-balance) can work wonders.
  • Waiting for the comet: If all else fails and the comet really is on its way, we recommend that you sit back, relax and enjoy the show. At such moments, the urgency of a CO2 balance sheet is put into perspective.
  • Plan B: If, contrary to expectations, the comet doesn’t appear and the internet is working again, you can simply enter the missing data in our “Green Toolkit” at a later date.

We hope that this humorous guide will not only make you smile, but also show you that we have a plan for all eventualities – no matter how unlikely. Even in the event of a comet strike, we will be there to help and advise you!

FAQ Use of our toolkit to support compliance with environmental standards and PwC audit

Do I still have to fill in the Excel required by the FFA at test level 1 if the Green Toolkit is used?

No, if you use our tool, you do not need to fill out the Excel list required by the FFA for test level 1. Our Green Toolkit automatically fills out this list for you. You can simply export the completed Excel list for PWC inspection level 1. By using our tool in your production, you avoid duplicate processes at the end of production.

Audit level 1 relates to compliance with ecological standards in the film funding sector, which are a prerequisite for film funding. These standards were developed by the German Federal Film Board (FFA) in cooperation with the Green Shooting Working Group and the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

How does the Toolkit support compliance with environmental standards and the PwC audit for film and television productions?

Our Toolkit is specifically designed to help production companies comply with environmental standards for film and TV productions and efficiently prepare the necessary documents for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) audits. Here are some key functions:

  • Capture and documentation of CO2 emissions: Our tool facilitates the accurate recording and documentation of your production’s CO2 emissions. This is crucial to meet the mandatory requirements I.3 and I.4 of the ecological standards.
  • Support in the preparation of final reports: With our pre-formatted templates, you can fill out your final reports easily and correctly. These reports are required for the audit by PwC and must document compliance with the minimum standards.
  • Guides and checklists: To ensure that all required criteria are considered, our toolbox provides comprehensive guides and checklists. This helps you to comply with all 21 mandatory requirements and achieve the minimum number required for the “Green Motion” label.
  • Easy exchange and transmission of data: Our tool enables easy exchange and secure transmission of relevant documents to PwC for the final review.

Our Toolkit is designed to support your efforts to comply with environmental standards and to simplify the audit process by PwC. For more information or specific instructions on how to use our tool, please contact our client support.

What are the basic ecological standards for film and television productions?

The ecological standards for film and television productions comprise 21 must-have requirements developed by the “Green Shooting” working group. These standards aim to minimize the environmental impact of productions by covering aspects such as CO2 emissions, energy consumption, waste management and sustainable transport methods.

Which mandatory requirements must be met in order to receive the "Green Motion" label?

In order to receive the “Green Motion” label, production companies must meet at least 16 (from July 1, 2024: 18) of the 21 mandatory requirements. These requirements relate to various aspects of production, such as energy efficiency, use of renewable energy, reduction of waste and environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

Successful PwC audit for production companies: "Green Toolkit" to ensure compliance with ecological standards!

In order to successfully pass the audit by PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), it is essential for production companies to submit comprehensive final reports that document compliance with environmental standards in detail. Our “Green Toolkit” is specifically designed to facilitate this process and ensure that all required information is recorded correctly and completely. Here are some specific aspects of how our toolbox supports this:

  • Final report templates: the Toolkit contains pre-formulated final report templates specifically designed to meet PwC requirements. These templates make it easier for production companies to fill out their reports correctly and completely.
  • CO2 emissions calculator: One tool in the toolbox is the CO2 emissions calculator, which enables production companies to accurately record and document their emissions. This is crucial for compliance with the mandatory requirements I.3 and I.4 of the ecological standards.
  • Checklists for ecological standards: The toolbox provides detailed checklists covering all 21 mandatory requirements of the ecological standards. These checklists help production companies not to overlook anything and to ensure that they meet the minimum number of requirements.
  • Management declaration: The toolbox also assists in the preparation of the required management and production management declaration, which is an essential part of the final report.
  • Customizable reports: As each production is unique, our toolbox allows reports to be adapted to the specific needs and characteristics of each production.
  • Verification Process Excel automated generated (Ecological Standards, PEAR Report, Plum Report)

By using our “Green Toolkit”, production companies can significantly simplify and optimize the process of documenting and submitting the documentation required for the PwC audit, improving the chances of successful certification with the “Green Motion” label.

Simplification of the PwC audit through automated entry in Excel template for final reports in accordance with Green Motion standards!

Question: How does the “Green Toolkit” simplify the process of collecting and submitting the audit excel for the PwC audit in line with the Green Motion standards?

Answer: Green Toolkit is an advanced tool specifically designed to simplify the process of collecting and submitting the data required for the PwC audit. This is achieved through seamless integration and automation that eliminates the need to manually enter data into the audit Excel. Here are the key benefits the tool offers:

  • Automated data entry: as soon as data is entered into Green Toolkit, it is automatically transferred into Check Excel. This eliminates the need to collect and enter information manually.
  • Increased efficiency: By automatically transferring data to the inspection Excel, the tool saves considerable time and reduces the risk of transfer errors.
  • Simple export: Once all the necessary data has been recorded in the “green toolbox”, the inspection Excel can simply be exported. This export contains all the relevant information required for submission to the PwC inspection body.
  • Compatibility with Green Motion standards: The Toolkit is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Green Motion Standards, ensuring that all necessary data is captured correctly and in accordance with the specifications.
  • Ease of use: Green Toolkit is designed to be easy to use, making it easy for people without a technical background to work with the tool (without logging into the tool).
  • Improving submission quality: The automated data capture and simple export process helps to improve the quality of the submitted documents, which increases the likelihood of a successful review by PwC.

In summary, Green Toolkit enables efficient, accurate and user-friendly preparation of audit excel for PwC review by automating and simplifying the process of data capture and submission.

FAQ: Our Green Consulting Package

What does the Green Consulting package offer?

Answer: Our Green Consulting Package includes 2 days of monthly consulting by certified Green Consultants, access to our Essential Tools Green Toolkit, comprehensive Eco-Management, preparation of CO2 balance and final report as well as support with auditing processes. It is specifically designed for feature film productions and is recommended for a period of 3 months.

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, our Green Consulting package offers an indispensable solution for your feature film production. Here are some compelling reasons why you should choose this package:

Expertise from Certified Green Consultants: our consultants are not only experts in their field, but are also specifically certified in sustainable practices. In the two consulting days included in the package, you will receive customized advice tailored to your exact needs*.
Essential tools in our Green Toolkit: We provide you with all the necessary tools to make your production more environmentally friendly. These tools are carefully selected to ensure maximum efficiency and sustainability.
Comprehensive eco-management: Our package covers all aspects of eco-management – from consulting to documentation and communication. We also offer set monitoring to ensure that sustainable practices are implemented effectively.
Preparation of carbon footprint and final reports: An essential part of sustainable management is transparency. We help you to create an accurate carbon footprint of your production and provide detailed final reports documenting your progress and achievements.
Support with auditing processes: We are at your side during all audit processes, be it with the FFA, PWC or other relevant institutions. Our expertise in these processes ensures that your production meets all required standards.
Flexibility and adaptability: Additional Green Consultant days can be easily booked via our store. This allows you to customize the package to the specific requirements of your production.
Recommended for feature film productions: For an average feature film production, we recommend a usage of 3 months (including 6 days of Green Consulting) to achieve optimal results.
Exclusivity: Our offer is exclusively available in Germany. This ensures that we can provide the best possible support and advice to our local clients.
By choosing our Green Consulting package, you are not only showing your commitment to the environment, but also investing in a more efficient and sustainable future for your film production. Take up the challenge to be part of the green revolution in the film industry!

*see FAQ statement on typical 90-minute TV movie productions.

Was ist die Rolle der Produktion beim Green Consulting Kit?

Answer: Production plays an active role in data collection. It is responsible for collecting and providing data on important aspects such as travel, overnight stays, motifs and operating sites. This data is then recorded and analyzed centrally in the Green Consulting Kit.

How does the Green Consulting package help to increase efficiency and reduce costs in film productions?

Answer: One of the biggest advantages of our Green Consulting package is the opportunity to achieve significant efficiency gains and cost savings. For a *typical 90-minute TV film production, you can significantly reduce the number of consulting days required by combining our high-quality tools with the expertise of our certified Green Consultants.

The speeding up of various processes in communication, CO2e survey and solution finding by combining our high-quality tools with the expertise of our certified green consultants can significantly reduce the organizational effort. This in turn benefits the quality of the advice you receive on your production.

It not only leads to a more efficient use of your time and resources, but also offers you cost savings.

Investing in sustainability and profitability: This approach underlines our commitment not only to help you make your production more sustainable, but also to improve the profitability of your project. By opting for our Green Consulting package, you are not only investing in the environmental friendliness of your production, but also in its economic efficiency.

A win-win situation for you, your production and the environment.

*see statement on typical 90-minute TV film productions, in the FAQ!

Statement on our statement *typical 90-minute TV movie productions:

We at the Green Toolkit team are aware that our statement about typical 90-minute television film productions represents a certain generalization. Nevertheless, our experience has shown that it is possible to reduce the number of days spent on green consulting by working closely with the production team. This is achieved in particular through the reduced administrative workload resulting from the active involvement of the production.

How does data collection work with the "Green Toolkit?

Answer: Our Toolkit offers an ultra-easy way to collect data. Production enters the required data, which is then stored centrally in the toolkit and used for the next steps.

Who is the owner of the project and what are their responsibilities?

Answer: Production is the owner of the project and is responsible for data collection and provision. As the owner, you have control over the project and work closely with the selected Green Consultant.

How is a Green Consultant selected?

Answer: As a project owner, you will receive a list of qualified Green Consultants from our team. You can select the consultant that best suits your project. When selecting the Green Consultants in the Green Consulting Kit, we attach particular importance to working regionally in order to effectively incorporate the specific knowledge of the conditions in each individual region into the expertise of our consultants.

What happens after the selection of a Green Consultant?

Answer: After selection, the Green Consultant will be added to your project. Together with the consultant, you will then discuss the next steps based on the data provided by Production.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the Green Consulting Kit?

Answer: If you have any questions about the Green Consulting Kit, please contact Lisa. You can reach Lisa by telephone on +49 163 978 9211 or by e-mail to Lisa

The role of the Green Consultant:

We in no way question the value of advice from a green consultant. Therefore, such advice is an essential part of our package. The production has the freedom to determine the number of consulting days as well as the intensity of the consulting according to their needs. Furthermore, there is the possibility to arrange additional consulting days afterwards to ensure an optimal fit to the respective project. This process of booking additional days is already available; individual consulting days can be booked additionally under Tools in the Green Toolkit.

We generally recommend extending the number of days in the Green Consulting package if comprehensive information on green measures is required.

Conviction of the Green Toolkit team:

We firmly believe that independent, external consulting offers the greatest added value. Consulting that does not take place internally within production guarantees an objective and comprehensive perspective. For this reason, we rely on independent green consultants to achieve the best results for our customers and the environment.

FAQ: Eco-Dashboard and billing model for broadcasters, sponsors and schools

What is the ECO-DASHBOARD?

The ECO-DASHBOARD is an advanced analysis tool specifically designed to provide broadcasters, funders and large production and media houses with detailed insights into their production processes. It enables comprehensive analysis by genre and offers the ability to filter and visualize consumption data in different departments.

We offer an innovative way for broadcasters, funders and large production and media houses to get in touch with us and use our customized services. Our main offering is the ECO-DASHBOARD, an advanced tool that provides cross-project insights as well as specific analysis by genre. It enables detailed filtering and visualization of consumption data in different departments. This dashboard is ideal for organizations that want to make their production processes more efficient, manage resources better and make more environmentally friendly decisions. By using our ECO-DASHBOARD, partners can not only optimize their own operational processes, but also make a valuable contribution to environmental protection.

In addition to the advanced features of our ECO-DASHBOARD, our billing model differs significantly from conventional approaches. We do not charge for our services on a project-by-project basis. Instead, we offer a flexible, comprehensive billing method that allows our partners to use our dashboard without the limitations of project-based costs. This model promotes long-term and sustainable collaboration by giving broadcasters, funders and media houses the freedom to use the dashboard as needed and without additional project-based fees. Our aim is to promote an efficient, transparent and economically beneficial partnership that focuses on long-term results and environmental responsibility

How is the ECO-DASHBOARD billed?

In contrast to conventional, project-based billing models, we offer a flexible, comprehensive billing method. This allows you to use our dashboard without the restrictions and additional costs of project-based fees.

Is the ECO-DASHBOARD suitable for all types of media productions?

Yes, our dashboard is designed to be flexible and suitable for a wide range of media productions, including film, television and online content. It is customizable for different genres and production styles.

How can I use the ECO-DASHBOARD for my organization?

To use the ECO-DASHBOARD for your organization, please contact us directly. We will be happy to discuss the specific requirements of your organization and how our dashboard can best serve you.

How can I use the ECO-DASHBOARD for my organization?

To use the ECO-DASHBOARD for your organization, please contact us directly. We will be happy to discuss the specific requirements of your organization and how our dashboard can best serve you.

Does your company offer support with the implementation and use of the ECO-DASHBOARD?

Yes, we offer comprehensive support for the implementation and use of the ECO-DASHBOARD. Our team is on hand to ensure that you get the most out of our tool.

FAQ on using the GWK APP for Apple and Android devices

When will the app that you already offer as a tool in your store be released?

The app will be released for Apple and Android devices by the end of 2024. The app contains all the familiar functions of the toolbox and also works in offline mode (an internet connection is required to transfer the data 🙂

FAQ on accessing and using our tools

What does "Green Toolkit" do for your film production and event?


“Green Toolkit is a comprehensive and flexible toolset specifically designed to improve sustainability in film productions and events. Here are some of the core features and benefits our tool offers:

Accurate CO2 emissions calculation: our tool enables the accurate recording and calculation of CO2 emissions, based on globally valid data and benchmarks for various formats and events.
CO2 compensation: We offer CO2 compensation options to minimize the environmental impact of your production.
Recommendations for reducing environmental impact: The tool suggests effective measures to reduce environmental impact and supports a valid verification and audit system.
Experience and integration: With over 250 successful deployments in productions and events, our tool integrates seamlessly into various production processes.
Access to green suppliers: Our platform provides a direct connection to “green suppliers” to make your productions more environmentally friendly.
Efficient communication: An integrated mail system allows a seamless connection with your personal email account to optimize the exchange with your team.
Specific knowledge: Get access to customized information on green suppliers and measures, tailored to your specific production area.
Optimized organization: The import and export of Excel lists, such as crew and transport lists, makes the planning and coordination of your projects much easier.
In summary, “Green Toolkit” offers a comprehensive set of tools and resources to effectively increase sustainability in film productions and events while optimizing organization and communication within your team.

What can I find in the project settings under 'Tools'?

In your project settings under ‘Tools’ you will find a wide selection of additional tools and packages that can be booked. These options are designed to make your projects even more professional and to adapt them to your needs.

How can I manage my orders?

You can easily manage your orders in your profile under ‘Order overview’. There you have an overview of all orders placed and current orders.

Where can I find information on additional tools and packages?

Take a look at our additional tools and packages available in the project settings or on our website. These offer further options to take your project to the next level.

Who can I contact if I have questions or need further information?

Our team is always at your disposal if you have any questions or require further information. Do not hesitate to contact us – your satisfaction is important to us. If you are using the App you can book an online meeting directly in the app. As well as our help chat is available in the App.



When is the help chat available in the tool?

Our help chat is integrated directly into the tool and is available during the week from 10:00am to 8:00pm and on Saturday from 12:00am to 04:00pm (Central Time). Our team is ready to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about using the Grüner Werkzeugkasten tool. For questions outside of these hours, please contact the Green Toolkit Helpdesk

How does your company ensure that I get the best possible solutions for my film and TV projects?

It is very important to us that you are satisfied with our services. Our offering is constantly updated and expanded to ensure that you receive the most modern and effective solutions for your film and television projects.

Roman Russo, the founder of the Green Toolkit, has already been nominated four times for the Kingfisher Award as a Green Consultant with productions he has advised. This prize, which is awarded for sustainable film productions, was won by him the first time it was awarded in 2022. The award emphasizes innovative productions that demonstrate particular energy and resource savings and sustainable production practices in their planning and implementation.

In 2024 he won the Price again.

In addition, a production he advised for Amazon Studios received the EMA Green Seal in Gold, an award that honors productions for their sustainability. The EMA Green Seal is awarded to productions that meet a range of sustainability criteria, with the Gold award recognizing particularly high performance in this area. These awards underline the effectiveness of the Green Toolbox and demonstrate how the system helps to maximize efficiency and performance in film production.

The Eisvogel Award for Sustainable Film Production, which was won by Roman Russo, the founder of the Green Toolkit, is a high-ranking award presented at the Federal Ministry for the Environment. Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke and Dr.-Ing. E.h. Fritz Brickwedde from the Heinz Sielmann Foundation present the award, which recognizes innovative TV and cinema productions that implement special energy and resource savings as well as sustainable production practices. This high recognition, which Russo and his team have received three times, underlines the importance and legitimacy of the award and demonstrates the effectiveness of the Green Toolbox in promoting sustainable film productions.

How precise and valid are the CO2 emission calculations?

Our software provides globally valid CO2 data and includes CO2 benchmarks for various formats and events. It enables the precise recording and calculation of relevant emissions and offers a valid verification and testing system. Certifications. We have been working with Gutcert in Berlin on ISO certification since the beginning of 2023. The Sustainable Natives network supports us in this process with its specialists. Our cooperation partner Southpole provides us with global CO2 data.

How is data protection and individual usability guaranteed?

Each crew member receives individual access, whereby data protection is always guaranteed. This enables customized use of our tools for each member of your team.

How does your tool ensure compliance with German data protection laws?

We take data protection seriously and our tool fully complies with German data protection laws. Our data protection officer, Mr. Manuel Zeh, is at your disposal for all inquiries or concerns regarding data protection. He is your competent contact person and will be happy to assist you with all data protection-related issues.

FAQ on subscription options and tool dependencies

How does the Green Toolkit payment model work?

Our payment model is geared towards transparency and fairness. We only charge for the functions that are actually used. We also offer a basic version of our tool free of charge to make it easier for all users to get started. We have opted for a subscription model as it offers our users flexibility and continuous accessibility to our tools. This model allows us to continuously adapt and optimize the toolset according to the changing needs of our users. It also promotes a sustainable relationship between us and our customers by ensuring regular updates and ongoing support. In this way, we can guarantee a consistent level of quality in our services and at the same time respond to individual customer needs.

Can I cancel or pause my subscription to the tools?

Yes, our tools are flexible. You can cancel your subscription on a monthly basis or pause it if necessary. This gives you the freedom to use our tools according to your project requirements and schedule. Under Project Settings Tools you will find the management of the individual subscriptions you have purchased.

How can I pause my subscription?

You can pause your subscription at any time to customize it to your needs. If you do not need the services for a certain period of time, the pause function allows you to temporarily interrupt your subscription at no additional cost.

Where can I find the option to pause my subscription?

Managing your subscription is very simple:

For subscriptions to packages: Look In your profile
For subscriptions to the tools: Look In your profile

Are there any costs if my subscription is paused?

No, there are no additional fees while your subscription is paused. You only pay for the time in which you actively use the subscription.

What happens to my data and settings if I pause my subscription?

Your data and settings are also retained during the pause. You can therefore continue seamlessly where you left off after resuming your subscription. The project is then simply converted into a FREE KIT. Access to all FREE KIT functions.

What else should I know about pausing my subscription?

The pause feature is designed to give you flexibility and control over your subscriptions. It allows you to adjust your spending and ensure that you only pay for the time you actually use the services.

Do I need to consider anything regarding the tool functionality before purchasing?

Please note that some of our tools are dependent on specific main tools for their full functionality. Although they offer independent functions, this integration is crucial for maximum efficiency and performance of the overall system.

What is the billing model for using the tools?

We offer a fair and transparent billing model. You only pay for the functions that you actually use. This model enables every user to get the best out of our tools without incurring unnecessary costs. Some tools can be purchased once. Others in a monthly billing cycle. The respective option is displayed in the store.

What do I have to consider if I have purchased the Custom E-Mail Logo Tool?

After purchasing the Custom E-Mail Logo Tool, please send your logo to Team Green Toolkit. We will add your personalized logo to the emails you send from the toolkit. Please note that this tool is dependent on the e-mail tool in the toolbox. Without the e-mail tool, it is not possible to send personalized e-mails.

How does your system ensure that I achieve maximum efficiency and performance?

Our system is carefully designed to ensure maximum efficiency and performance. The dependency of some tools on main tools is part of this design to ensure that all components work together seamlessly and deliver the best results for your projects.

FAQ: Green Toolkit and eco-label UZ76

What is the UZ76 eco-label?

The UZ76 eco-label is an Austrian seal of quality for sustainable film productions that takes into account various environmental aspects such as power supply, catering and mobility.

UZ76 was developed to label sustainably produced film productions. It takes into account various environmental aspects such as power supply, catering, accommodation and mobility that are relevant in film productions.

How is the eco-label awarded?

An expert opinion from an independent, accredited inspection body on compliance with the criteria leads to the award of the Austrian Ecolabel.

How does the Green Toolkit support compliance with the UZ76 standards?

The Toolkit offers planning, monitoring and documentation tools that are specifically geared towards compliance with the UZ76 standards.

What is awarded the Ecolabel?

The Ecolabel recognizes specific film productions, not the production company itself. It applies to the production process of cinema, advertising, documentary or television films, shows or reports.

What tools does the Green Toolkit offer for carbon footprinting?

The Toolkit enables the creation of actual balances and final reports that are required for UZ76 certification.

Can the Green Toolkit save costs and resources?

Yes, through efficient use of resources and waste reduction, the toolkit can lead to cost savings while minimizing environmental impact.

Does the Green Toolkit have specific checklists and information for the team regarding UZ76?

Yes, the Green Toolkit contains all the necessary checklists and detailed information that the production team needs to meet the requirements of the UZ76 eco-label.

Is there local support in Vienna for advice on the Ecolabel?

Green Toolkit Austria offers specialized advice on the UZ76 eco-label. This ensures that the production teams on site receive the best possible support and expertise. Contact Green Toolkit. Vienna office Richi Wagner.

FAQ on invoices in the Green Toolkit

How do I receive my invoices after a purchase?

Invoices are automatically generated electronically and are available immediately after purchase in your Profile.

Where can I find my invoices?

You can view your invoices at any time in the tools administration and in your profile on the Green Toolkit platform.

Sabine in Accounting is also there for you.